Budding Artists

May 24, 2016

We had a recent rainy day and so our original plans to meet for a playdate with friends got scrapped and we hit up Dish It Out instead.  This is the place where you can pick out ceramicware and then spend time making it beautiful in their store studio.

This was Landon and Brooks first time doing it.  There was a lot of “don’t touch that.” “That’s fragile.” “Please just look.” Especially given the store rule that ‘you break it, you buy it’ and each piece starts around $8-10 and goes up from there!

After about 10 minutes perusing, we finally selected ice cream bowls.  The boys wanted to do big expensive dishes or plates ($20+ a piece), so I narrowed down to 4 options that were $10 or less and let them pick. Once Brooks heard Landon pick the ice cream dish, he wanted to choose the same.


I knew my kids would want to pick lots of colors and it would probably turn into a big brown blob so being the Type A person I am, I told the kids to each pick two main colors they wanted to use and then they could have 4 colors total that were those colors.  They both wanted green and blue as their colors so they each picked a few to make up their palette.


Landon used more blue in his and Brooks used more green but they turned out looking pretty cohesive, even though they each used different colors to start.


Brooks’ final work on the left and Landon’s on the right. (Yes, in the end they asked to do one more piece so I let them each do a small $2-3 piece and when we brought them home, we put magnets on the back.)

All in, it was an hour of time at the facility and they were ready within 4 days for pick up.  Definitely a cute idea for a personalized gift for a relative, especially when you can make sure it’s not going to end up all brown!

We spent about $30 to do these and the kids can’t wait to put some delicious ice cream in there this summer!




Happy 39 to this guy.

May 21, 2016

Today marks 39 years of life on this earth for my favorite husband.

I definitely married up and am so thankful that he balances me out.  He’s the calm to my crazy.  The ‘go with the flow’ to my overbearing perfectionism.  The peanut butter to my chocolate (you thought I was going to say ‘jelly’ didn’t you? PB&C is better).


I’m thankful he lets me pick out his outfits for special dressy occasions (so we can coordinate!) and lets me sleep in on weekends because he knows I’m not a morning person. He’s smart, handsome, funny, responsible, and the best dad.


I’m also thankful he let’s me post embarrassing pictures of him:

Photo 1: What the picture was supposed to look like


Photo 2 – the Eyeblink (aka when your husband treats you like a squishy, cuddly pillow):


So happy 3-9 to this guy ^. Cuddles McDeanington.

Pictures by: Bees and Honey Photography. I’m sure I’ll post my other favorites soon, but today is just about this guy!



Secret’s out, Dean.

May 20, 2016

In honor of someone’s big 3-9 birthday tomorrow, I’m sharing a little survey completed by his second favorite firstborn. (Doesn’t the wife get the #1 slot?! ;) I’m a firstborn, too.)


Check out the alternate name spelling – What’s your name? “Jasin, with an ‘i’!” (P.S. yes, his real first name is Jason. Here’s that story.)

Love the age guess – 31.  He always claims to be young for his age:)

Evidently, Landon is really big on the tickles:
“He makes me happy when he tickles me.”
“I make my dad happy when I tickle his feet.”
P.S. Landon – Daddy does NOT like his feet tickled.  Those are not tears of joy when you do it!

And it’s sweet that he mentioned daddy’s funny joke telling. He is pretty hilarious.

Of course, the funniest thing dad does:


Fart. (Boys!)

Uh oh. Secret’s out, Dean!!

Seriously, I love this kid. And I love his dad more.  Happy 3-9 to my favorite handsome, younger-than-his-years other half.


Noah minus an ark

May 17, 2016

Last week was spirit week at Brooks’ preschool.  One of the days was favorite character day and in true Ginger fashion, I completely forgot about the assignment until 8pm the night before.  So I went into Brooks’ room, grabbed the top book on his dresser – which happened to be his toddler bible – and told him we needed to pick a character.

Of course his first choice was the evil serpent from Adam and Eve. I quickly nixed that idea because I didn’t want to promote my 4 year old son being Satan.

Then he wanted to be Adam. And as easy as that costume would be, I’m pretty sure going in the buff is not something that would be approved by the school.

So we finally agreed on Noah.  Of course, he wanted to carry about 11 different animals, but I finally got him to agree to two puppies.

He asked where his ark was, and I told him mommy wasn’t that crafty! Plus it was well past his bedtime:)


Yes, he’s my son.

May 16, 2016

Dean and I have lots of inside jokes about “whose” kids we’re raising.  For example, if one of them says something super intellectual, I’ll say “see Dean, he’s just like his mom.”  If they are doing lots of inappropriate bodily functions, I’ll say, “You’re just like your daddy!”  When they over-dip their chips, Dean looks at me and mouths, “they get it from their momma!”  Whenever they act wild and rowdy we “nicely disagree” over whose DNA contributed to those actions.

As we emptied Landon’s schoolwork folder this week, I read through his work assignments.  He had a math paper, some art work and two stories.  I quickly read his stories and passed them to Dean saying, “yep, he’s my son.”


What would you grow in your garden?  I’d grow chocolate bunnies because they taste yummy.


Landon’s poem:  “Taste.  I like sweet mangoes.  I like sour lemons. I like spicy onions.  I like salty pickles.  I like juicy watermelon.  I like oily chips. (!!)  I like delicious cake.”

Only my son would write so eloquently about the food he eats. No need for a DNA test, this boy is just like his mom!


He rides.

May 12, 2016

The unfortunate part of being little brother is that you always think you’re ready to do the big kid things.  And being left behind is often devastating!

For the past few years, Landon’s been old/big/strong enough to go with me on my runs. (He’s 6 now and started when he was 4.) He rides his bike and I run. I used to run ahead of him but now that boy is always 100 feet ahead of me.  And while we used to stick to short 3-4 mile rides when he was 4, he can now handle the 5-7 mile outing pretty well.  (Not that I like that distance very often, but he can do it.)

Well, now Brooks has been promoted to bike rider. I’ve seen him do enough in the driveway to feel good about his sidewalk skills. We’ve hit the road together a couple times now and he really does great. I’m sure his constant neighborhood biking with his brother in the evenings has helped his biking endurance!

On Mother’s Day, the two of us went out and Brooks did 3.75 miles without stopping.  The last half mile he wanted to get off and push his bike, but I cheered him on and told him we could get a smoothie at home and that was all the encouragement he needed to finish strong!


My view during the ride/run.


Post ride/run chocolate milk always makes us smile!

I’m so proud of my 4 year old boy for not giving up even when he was exhausted.  And I know that there will be many more rides to come! (Especially when Landon gets “demoted” for being too speedy!😉  )


I’m living my best years.

May 11, 2016

I’m in my mid thirties (or “13” as Brooks always corrects! Thirteen, thirty… same difference!) and I really think these are the best years.  If someone came to me at the end of my life and asked what years I’d like to relive, I think these would be it!  Here’s why:

I’ve got more than a couple years of marriage under my belt and my life with Dean is so fun and comfortable.  We know what to expect from each other. We know what drives each other crazy. We know how to push buttons and we know how that special thing that will make our other half feel loved.

Our kids are at the perfect age.  Really, as frustrated as I can get at bedtime and despite the never ending struggle to get Brooks to eat a full meal at dinner, these kids are at an awesome age. They’re somewhat self sufficient, but they’re still so quick to forgive, they show endless love, and they just enjoy their parents.  I love this stage. I’m not fighting for a cuddle and I get tons of “just because” hugs. Too soon, they’ll be pulled by friends, activities and other things that compete for their time and we won’t get the same unconditional love we’re getting now.

The thirties are great for your confidence.  I had some pretty good confidence in my college and post-college years, and it’s at least tripled since I’ve had kids and slowed down my life pace.  I just generally don’t care about what other people think about how I’m living my life.  To each his own.  That’s not to say I don’t struggle with a little keeping-up-with-the-Joneses, wanting-what-others-have-itis at times, but I definitely care more about my personal self-evaluation versus what others think.

My body is still strong and capable.  While I’m not as limber as I was in my high school/college heyday, and I definitely have to stretch more in one week than I did in an entire season of volleyball growing up, I love that my body is still strong enough to exercise, run, lift things, carry two little boys and more.  I know that as the years pass, I’ll hit a point where some of these physical traits slow and I’m just thankful I’m not there yet.

I’ve also gained a little wisdom.  Not a ton. But I’ve definitely noticed some gray-hair worthy thoughts as I’ve grown.  Some are attributed to great bible studies I’ve been part of, some to the circle I surround myself with and some just the result of many years of adulthood.

By my mid-30s, I’ve settled into my career. I’m not the low-man-on-the-totem-pole (although I’m not above paper filing on occasion) and when I come to work each day, I have a ton of variety to my work and I just really enjoy what I get to do.   I love the challenge that comes with it and how much I still learn each week. And with over 10 years at work, we have financial security allowing us to do great things like take fun family trips, put our kids in special activities and just live a comfortable life.

Yes, I really think the 30s are awesome and I’m in the best years of life!



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