Technology Freedom

March 3, 2015

My phone officially died this weekend.  I’ve been phone-free since Sunday morning.  Maybe not a huge feat for some people, but as someone who keeps work and personal email on my phone, it’s been a change. Mostly liberating.  A little stressful – am I missing anything important? what is on the calendar for tomorrow?

I’ve become so phone-dependent.  To check email, text, take pictures, Facebook, play solitaire, keep my calendar.

No, I don’t have tons of apps on my phone, but there are a select few that I use regularly.

I didn’t get to take a ton of pictures on Landon’s birthday with my phone.  I have stayed out of the FB loop.  Any texts and calls for Landon’s birthday were missed.  I used to always check my phone first thing to see if anything important came through overnight for work.  (Candidly, if I was close to closing for a work deal, I’d be more stressed that I didn’t have a phone.) But this week, I’m ok.

Things will get done when I get to work. I don’t have any texts to distract me during my evening hours with the kids.  It’s like the good old days of 10 years ago when I couldn’t always be reached!

It feels good to be tech free. I know it’s not a permanent thing, but it’s been eye opening to see how I can set more boundaries in how I use my phone.

How long do you think you could go without your phone?  (Personally, I’m hoping until at least this weekend!)


I’m the mom of a 5-year-old.

March 2, 2015

I’m the mom of a 5-year-old.

That sentence is crazy to me – a five year old. Where has the time gone? How do I already have a child who will be starting kindergarten in a matter of months?  How am I nearly a third of the way into my parenting duties?

It’s seemed long. It’s seemed short.  It’s been easy.  It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  It’s made me laugh. It’s brought tears.

Yes, this little guy made me a mom and I know that he and his brother will be my greatest accomplishment… and my greatest failure.  I already hear myself in my head – “what if I’d…”  “why didn’t I…” when it comes to my parenting choices. I am so proud of how my boys are doing and the men they are becoming – despite the fact their mother is a little crazy. And I know that I’ll second guess myself – thinking of the ways that I could have done my part better.

But that’s the beauty of this whole thing, of being a parent.  It’s the ability to trust that God is doing even more in them than I’ll ever be able to. It’s a matter of shrugging off the voices that say, “Ginger, you’re not doing enough.” and knowing that they are really already doing great.  It’s knowing that it’s ok if it’s messy and hard because the most beautiful things come when you work the hardest.  And this role as a mom is just that.

bd5 bd8 landon 6 mos 5 preppy1 Slide Landon 19 mos Again_Dean Fam easter4 hay3 xmas5

Until you have your own baby one day, it will be hard for you to understand how much I love you.  I am head over heels for you.  You are so loving, fun, hardworking, responsible, silly, smart and thoughtful.

You do and say things that make my heart flutter each day.  An “I love you mom” out-of-the-blue.  The way you still nestle your hand right in mind when we are out running errands.  The stories that you tell during tuck in time. Times you help your brother so he can also feel the high of success.  The sweet, innocence of your dinnertime prayers.

Five years has flown by too quickly but I cannot wait to see what the next years hold for you. I am so proud to be your mom and I am so thankful that “God put you in the right family”.

Happy birthday big boy!  I love you times a million bajillion.



I’m not the Happy Hour girl anymore.

February 26, 2015

In college, I was friends with my now-husband.  I was almost 21 – living it up in our awesome college beach town the summer before my senior year.  He was 25 – hard at work in his first full time job.  Since we hung in the same circle, I’d often give him and the other in-full-time-job-friends crap for not going out with us during the week.  “We are headed to the beach bars tonight – you guys should come!” And of course, sometimes we’d talk him and others into hitting the town for the night… despite their 8am wake up call.  My argument was always, “When I’m 25, I’m still going to be going out during the week! You guys can hang!”

Fastforward to me being 25.  I had my first full-time job.  I still enjoyed the occasional Happy Hour, but it was usually a once every week or two event with my co-workers and usually not for more than an hour or two – right after work – so I was home by 8 – there was no way I was hanging until 12 at night or later.  Back then, I wasn’t married and no kids.  I had several co-workers who had kids and would always invite them – “Come on out with us, we’re just having a beer or two!” And occasionally they’d oblige and come hang with the rest of the no-kids crowd. But mostly, they went home and did their thing.  I always thought, “When I have kids, I’ll still have time for the occasional Happy Hour!”

Now I have kids and a husband.  And I never go to Happy Hour.  And I’m more than 100% ok with it.  I don’t feel like I’m missing out. In fact, if I have something else to do in the evenings, I often feel like I’m missing out when I’m not at home.  I don’t want to go out during the week. And even on the weekends, it has to be really good for me to RSVP yes.  There are just too many great things happening in the “Happy Hour” in my own living room.

I guess I’m just not a Happy Hour girl anymore.  And I know 3 boys who are perfectly ok with that.


Little things that are awesome.

February 25, 2015

Life is full of great things.  Definitely big things – like having a baby.  The promotion you’ve been working hard at for years.  Finally saving up for your dream car.

But some of the best things are little things:

The unsolicited “I love you” from your little boy when you tuck him in at night.

A sweet note from your significant other – just because.

Finding a long-lost $5 in your winter jacket from last year.

Uncovering the “one last” jar of sauce/sweater in your size/etc tucked in the back of the shelf.

Enjoying the smell of clean after you finish a spring cleaning project.

The smile on _____’s face when they open your gift you and you see that it was the perfect/thoughtful/exact thing they’d want.

The times your kids run over to you after a day of school with arms wide open so excited to see you and give you a huge hug.

Driving home from a great date with your husband. Or a great conversation sitting in bed at night. Sans kid-terruptions.

The high you have after finishing a run that allowed your mind to wander and come up with a few great new ideas to problems you’re working through.

Hearing your kids make up their own bedtime stories.

What else would you add to the list?


Dad’s Twins

February 24, 2015

These little boys look just like their daddy now, don’t they:

hairafter daddy

And in case you needed the before, during and after:

hairbefore hairduring hairafter


Yep, the surfer dude locks are gone and these boys are sporting the “daddy cut”! Having this matching short haircut makes these boys look so much more alike.

P.S. I love Brooksie’s “during look” – long on top, short in the back. Maybe a future style we try out.  For now it’s mohawks all day! ;)


I’m losing my mind

February 23, 2015

I used to be able to remember anything. Everything.  The littlest details stuck in my head.  Unimportant things like who said what in the car ride during a road trip or important things like test answers – I could recall exactly where on my notes the answer was and what the answer was.

But now, I’m losing my mind. My memory is slipping. And it has been for about 5 years.

I’m sure most of it has to do with having kids.  It starts with the no sleep for months.  Then progresses to remembering the littlest details – when did they last eat, do they need a diaper change, when is their next doctor’s appointment.  After that it’s did they do their homework, did we make the lunches for tomorrow, who has to bring what to class this week for extracurricular activities.  It’s as if all the kids activities have pushed out any excess room in my brain.

I also think it’s age.  After all, I’m 33 now.  And retaining 33 years worth of unimportant details is downright impossible.  In college, I didn’t have to keep so much in my head. I had to know my practice schedule and classes.  I had to retain notes to get me through the semester and the class.  For the classes I loved, the info remained – locked away. When I didnt care about the class (I’m talking about you Finance 101 and Econ 101, 102 and 103!), I tended to keep it there for a few weeks but once the test was done, I let that information slip away.

I wish someone could still say, “wow, how do you remember that?!” but alas, those days are gone.  Now I rely on old pictures, notes and journals to relive past memories. I also have this blog.  It’s been a lifesaver when I want to go back and truly remember some of the first months for both of my kids lives.  Months I was just “getting through it” and now I can go back and remember some of those sweet moments with my babies.



The Prayer Police

February 20, 2015

If you have multiple kids, you are no stranger to the fights that come with getting “the first turn”.

“Mom, is it my turn to do the key at school today?”
“I am going to go first to say the prayer.”
“Landon, it’s my turn to go on my scooter!”

You know the drill.

Well at dinner time we often let the boys say a prayer and most nights they both want to pray and they ALWAYS want to go first.  Sometimes, Landon will be saying his prayer and Brooks is so mad that he didn’t get to go first, that he’ll start praying over him. Nice, I know.

One night this week, Brooks had the opportunity to do the first prayer.  And he did a great job.  Then Landon went.  And his was also great – and kinda long.

Not one to be shown up by big brother, Brooks wanted to do ANOTHER prayer.  So he commanded us to put our forks down – “GUYS, STOP EATING, I’M DOING ANOTHER PRAYER. MOM PUT THAT DOWN!” Dean and I just looked at each other, shrugged and went with it.

Brooks starts again, “Dear God, thank you for loving us and giving us a house and food and…” then he yells, “DAD, CLOSE YOUR EYES, I’M STILL PRAYING!”

Yes, we have a mini Prayer Police on our hands.  Here’s to hoping dinner doesn’t get cold tonight while they each take their prayer turns!


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