The Promotion

Landon got some exciting news recently.  After all his hard work and help around the house, we are finally giving him a promotion.  His new title:  Big Brother!

Yes, as of January 2012, Landon’s job responsibilities will increase to include:
– Watching little bro/sister lay on the floor/couch/etc
– Helping mommy and daddy love little bro/sis
– Holding a bottle sometimes for little bro/sis
– Playing QUIETLY while little bro/sis naps
– Helping find the paci for little bro/sis
– Eventually teaching little bro/sis – you know – life things
– Being the best big brother there ever was!

Of course, like most promotions, this comes with a raise in the form of:  Extra hugs, kisses and love

Landon can’t wait to start his new job – it’s only a matter of months!


One comment

  1. Ging, what a cute, creative, and fun post. I love it!! I can’t wait to meet my new neice/nephew (or both if there are twins in there). I look forward to seeing how Landon adjusts, I’m sure he’ll love being a big brother. Be sure to include on his Performance Review, “Drumming baby sis/bro to sleep” since we all know how much he loves to drum!

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