A Mother’s Promise

Dear Landon and your future sibling(s) –

As I was eating a bowl of ice cream earlier this week, I had a flashback to my youth and remembered how much I loved to whip my ice cream into a thick ‘ice cream soup’.   It was so delicious – it’s smooth creaminess would just melt down your throat.  And now, as an adult, I never think to whip my ice cream into soup.  I don’t know when I decided it wasn’t socially acceptable to eat ice cream in liquid form, but remembering that fun memory from my childhood pushes me to make a commitment to you.  While I am your mom and will do and say many ‘adult things’, I also promise to do some ‘kid things’ from time to time…

I promise to teach you…
-how to make a delicious bowl of ice cream soup.
-to roll in huge piles of freshly fallen and raked leaves.
-how to eat snow and make snowangels.
-how to make a slide out of the bathtub corners.
-the best way to bodyboard (without getting water up your nose).
-how to make an awesome fort with a set of encyclopedias (yeah, you probably have never seen those – any heavy book will do) and a pile of blankets.
-the fun of a good game of sharks and minnows.
-the proper technique for toilet papering someone’s house.
-some of my favorite ‘routine’ moves from my childhood (Routines are a favorite gift for Gigi and Papa – hint!)
-how to jump on the bed to best avoid the “ferocious lion” underneath.
-how to rally the neighborhood for a huge game of “Capture the Flag”

It seems we all grow up and forget many of the magical experiences of our childhood.  Are we too mature for childish fun every once in a while?  I know I’m not and this letter is my promise to you – my kids – a promise that I will let you enjoy so many of the best parts of my childhood – and hopefully you’ll teach me a couple new things along the way!



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