Pregnancy Letters

Dear Legs and Back,
I know you are tired from carrying around this extra bundle in the front, plus the additional thirty-plus pounder that rides on my hip.  But you can do it! Only a month to go and you will get a break.  I promise that in the Spring we will begin enjoying exercise together again!
Love, G

Dear Esophagus,
I’m sorry about the recent heartburn and reflux… I know you went through this the last two weeks of my first pregnancy and no one likes a tingling throat!
Love, G

Dear Thirst,
You are voracious.  It’s hard to keep up with you.  And the 95-bathroom-breaks-a-day are really making me resent the constantly parched mouth I am experiencing.  If you would let up a little bit, that’d be greaaat!
Love, G

Dear Socks,
I know things are getting tight down there.  I’m sure no one likes looking at cankles 24/7, but no worries, we’ll be back to our normal selves in just a few weeks!
Love, G

Dear Body,
I cannot believe how amazing it is to see that little body move around and stretch as he/she continues to grow.  It’s unbelievable that all your parts worked together to create this little miniscule thing smaller than a . and now 9 months later, it’s a full-grown little child.  Good work!  I know the hardest part is yet to come, but you can do it. 
Love, G


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