First Non-First

Dear Baby Dos,

You will be arriving in just a short while… my guess would be about a month from now… and we are all super excited to meet you and get to know our little addition.  Lately Mommy has been in full-on nesting mode – which Daddy really loves – and during these times of cleaning and organizing, I think about how our life will be so different once you finally arrive.  We will all get to know each other, find our groove and we won’t remember life before you!

During one of my recent cleaning sessions, I came to the realization that you will be the first “non-first” in our family.  You see, Mommy, Daddy and Landon are all firstborns… and you will get to be the first non-firstborn in the family.  I’m not 100% sure yet whether you’ll be a middle child or the baby, but I know that you will have a unique personality all your own and I can’t wait to get to know it!  Over the past year, we’ve really gotten to see your big brother’s personality develop and we love all of his Landon-isms.  Now we have even more to look forward to as you’ll be developing your own traits in the next year. 

I’m so excited Little Dean to see how God has knit you together and made you uniquely perfect for our family.  Only a few more weeks and you’ll be out here getting to know the rest of us – we’re counting down the days!



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