Spousal Exchange

This weekend, my husband looked at me over dinner and said… “When this second baby comes, there are going to be times where one of us has both of them – maybe for a trip to the grocery store, or Target.  When that happens, what do you do with both of them?” 

Of course, I gave him some suggestions for carrying two kids in the store – the super long cart that Landon can “drive” with the infant carrier propped up front, Landon in the bucket with the infant carrier in the front, Landon in the seat with baby in a chest carrier.   

Yep, only 4 weeks to go and we’re just now discussing how we are going to manage two kids!

In other news… still struggling with naming our future baby – we definitely have some top boy names in place but girl names are going to be a little tougher – if it’s a ‘she’, I hope she comes out with a nametag on! 🙂


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