Christmas Flashback – 2010

Look at my little mister chilling with Santa last Christmas.  This past weekend, we did another visit with the Big Man and if I could sum up his experience in one word, it would be… RIGID!  (Those pics will come soon… I have to get them from my sister!) 

 I can’t believe how much he’s grown and changed since last year.  Already, he is enjoying Christmas much more this year… when we read the Christmas story in the bible, he always points to Mary and says “mommy” and then knows the baby is “Jesus”.  He loves dancing to Christmas songs.  He cuddles the plush animal stockings we pulled out and gives them hugs and kisses.  He enjoys looking at the tree, especially when it’s lit up at night – and he points to all the balls and lights and says “no, no” because he knows he’s not supposed to touch them.  He recognizes ” ‘noman” (Snowman) on different decorations and Dean taught him Santa over the weekend so he’s started pointing and saying “Santa” when he sees one on t.v.

I wonder how he’ll feel about unwrapping all of his presents on Christmas morning!!?


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