Landon Update – 21 months

At 21 months – almost 22 months (as of New Years Day!) –  you continue to do lots of awesome things Mr. Landon.  Here’s a snapshot of your life right now:

Schedule – You sleep really well.  Most nights you go to bed at 8:15-8:45pm and usually you are up between 7:30-8am.  You often nap for 2 hours right around lunchtime (12 or 1pm) each day.  Some days, it’s shorter, sometimes it’s longer.  You love to eat – never miss a meal.  You love to be outside – you are constantly playing, and being active.  I can only get you to sit still for a minute – it’s always go, go, go.  We shower together almost every night, which you love because you have your cup and plastic toys in there.  We also read the bible or another story, your favorite is the kids bible, right now.  And then when we turn out the light and say our prayers, I love how you cuddle your head into my shoulder and say “amen” at the end.

Activity – Things you love to do – going to the ” ‘lides” (slides), swinging on the tire swing at Gigi and Papa’s and with the next door kids, just being outside in general makes you so happy, throwing balls, pushing around your firetruck and Buzz truck, talking up a storm, taking baths and showers, helping with cleaning, laundry, etc.  (It’s so cute – you love to help pull out clean dishes and hand them to mommy and daddy to be put away or you help put the laundry into the wash or onto the bed when clean – and whenever you do, you do spirit fingers and say “washy, washy”.  You don’t get into tv and don’t like any shows.  You love to dance to music and you often ‘raise the roof’ when you are dancing or spin in circles.  You love blowing bubbles outside and drawing with chalk.  For naptime/nighttime you still get your paci and blankie – which you love – but we don’t let you have them otherwise.  You love technology – anything with  buttons – cell phones, remotes, computers, etc… you are your father’s son!

Sayings – Every day I am amazed with the new words you are learning and saying.  You will point things out and name things that I don’t even notice. Besides saying “washy, washy” when helping with the dishes or laundry, you also know your way around the kitchen.  You say “hot” or “cooking” if we are in there making stuff in the microwave, on the stove or in the oven.  You love to be the sous chef and stand on a chair to “help out”. You point out sharp corners of furniture and say “ACK” and point to your head because Papa taught you to watch out for the corners and make sure you don’t bump your head.  If anyone breaks wind around you, you point to them and say “poo poo”.  You’ve started putting together 2-3 word phrases – often a noun and verb or two nouns – like ‘Mommy brush’, ‘Daddy wash’, “Landon hands’, ‘Mommy belly button’, “noodle hot”…  You also love to go over your animal sounds – your favorites are Rooster – cockalucka, Horse – Neighhh, Cow – Moo, Lion – Rawr, Dino – Rawr, Monkey – Eee Oh Oh Oh.  You really love spending time with your cousin and whenever we tell you we are going to see Harleigh soon, you’re at the door and ready to go way before we’re ready.

Foods – You love canned veggies – corn, green beans, peas; yogurt; applesauce; noodles; fruits – especially apples, bananas and berries. You’re pretty good about knowing the names and often say”mmmm” when you take a bite. You really aren’t a big fan of meat especially when it’s not hidden in something (like you don’t really enjoy grilled chicken or steak) but you do an ok job with ground meat in casserole or spaghetti.  You like to drink like a big boy using a regular cup or out of a water bottle, but most of the time we still give you a sippy cup for spillage purposes!

Next things – Seeing how you handle life as a big brother.  I know this will be a big adjustment, especially because you seem to be a little more clingy than normal this past month.  I think you will be great once you get used to the idea that Little Bro/Sis isn’t going anywhere.  After that we’ll look at potty training and moving you to a big boy bed.  But we like you in the crib for now – you are much easier to contain!  We are also looking for a new nanny since Ms Rama is leaving soon and hopefully we’ll plan for ‘school’ a few days a week.

Mr Landon – You are such a wonderful little boy with a kind spirit and loving heart.  I love how you immediately give hugs and cuddles when someone is crying or has a sad face.  You love to laugh and crack yourself up.  Every day Daddy and I look at each other and smile because you do something amazing.  We love you so much and are so glad you’re going to be the big brother.

Love you Bubba!



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