Cristmas Wish List

As we near the holiday season, my husband has asked what I’d like for Christmas… I like to keep things low key and unlike him, my love language isn’t gifts.  I’d rather have daily backrubs or dishes done. 🙂 

Since we’ve had a dishwasher break, tires run out of tread and a washing machine die all in the past 30 days, here is my Christmas wishlist:

– new tires  (Santa came early because I got these a couple weeks ago!)
– dishwasher (again, Santa stopped by early)
– washing machine (I’m hoping that Santa can find me a good deal on a craigslist washer so we don’t have to buy new – especially bc we’d like to buy a house in 2012 and don’t have plans to take our washer/dryer with us).
– daily back and foot rubs
– Dove body wash
– a 70’s style “turner” – Dean has this one that he got from his mom back in the day and I love it… the angle, the thickness, everything… so if any stores are selling old school “turners”, let my husband know where he can find it!  (Sidenote:  I’m pretty sure I have always called this thing a spatula and I also call a spatula, a spatula… oops!)  It’s the thing you use to get cookies off of the cookie sheet or flip pancakes.
– new sneakers – I like to get a new pair every year but I’ll wait after baby comes so I can make sure I get the perfect fit – don’t want my cankles to affect the sizing! 😉
– cookie sheets – I used to have a good set but somehow last Christmas during cookie making and exchanging I seemed to loose a couple of mine and I am down to one… which isn’t the best scenario when you are baking cookies and can only do one sheet at a time!
– tv-free time with my husband and son – I put this on pretty much every single wish list I write… I just like Dean to know how much I love our little family time with no noise in the background
– a January arrival – I’d love for baby to stay in place until at least his/her due date.  For his/her sake, I think an end of December birthday would be tough – trying to cram so much in with the holidays, and friends being out of town… just not a great time for a birthday party!

What are you asking for this Christmas?  Anything extreme or super fun?!


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