I love…

Dear Husband,

I love…
… when you take the iniative to start the dinner and make something delicious for Mr. Landon and I.
… when you hold my hand in the car.
… seeing you play lion with our little boy.
… when I turn off the t.v. for family dinner and you don’t say, “awwww”.
… when I get to pick FM radio in the car.
… when you think of the solution to my electronic problems – i.e. transferring DVDs or getting my iPod playing in the car.
… the smile on your face when you give me something you know I’ll be super excited about – like my millions of Groupon’s.
… when we’re on the same wavelength for getting projects done around the house.

Dear Son,
I love…
… the way you say “I wuff you” in your little boy voice.
… how you run around the house pushing your firetruck at warp speed.
… how you say “no, no” and shake your finger for things you know you shouldn’t do
… your awareness of corners and how you point each “danger zone” out and say “ack” to let us know of the threat
… your giggle when you pour a cup of water over mommy’s head in the shower
… your no-fear, no-reservations, go-go-go spirit… you aren’t afraid of anything yet!
… the way you say “Dear Jesus” and “Amen” during our prayers.
… the excitement in your voice when you see things you recognize (which is all the time) – apple, water, airplane, truck, bus, daddy juice (aka Coke)



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