Cheers to 2011

As we close out 2011, I look back and remember so many fond memories of this year.  It’s been a hectic and crazy year, a year of learning and growing, and it’s really been a blessed year.

We started the year with the Double Birthday of Harleigh and Landon at the end of February. Cupcakes, bright colors and lots of friends and family.
Then Dean and I headed to Greece and Italy for a two week vacation in April.  It was so great to have time away and enjoy time with my sister and her hubs.  We came home with tons of souveiners and presents, the most noteworthy – a growing little sibling for Mr. Landon.
My brother got hitched under a huge oak tree.
We celebrated the life of an amazing woman – Gram Micheals.
The summer flew by with lots of long weekends and a big 50th surprise party for my parents.  Something we’d (the kids) talked about for three years. Too many lies and stories to keep track of.
Dean started a new job with Wells Fargo. 
Fall brought with it the cutest little puppy dog candy-collector.  He loved trick-or-treating!
We enjoyed two Thanksgiving feasts with family and friends. 
And we ended the year with plenty of Christmas celebrations, parties and events. 

2011 was a great year – another year of blessing and provision.  We are so grateful for all God provides and even during challenging times (job loss, death, etc.), we have faith that He has another blessing around the corner.


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