Can’t wait/I’ll miss…

As I am nearing the final days/weeks of being preggo, with no plans to go past two little kiddo’s (they are a lot of work!), there are a couple of things I am excited about and some things I will miss about pregnancy.

I can’t wait to…
…never go through morning sickness again
…get rid of the backache and front heaviness of carrying a baby around
…go for a nice run that is over three miles
…lay on my back
…skip about 85% of my current bathroom breaks – I went 5 times before 9am this morning because of the way little babe was nustled on my bladder!

I will miss…
…trying to think of baby names (albeit, many are hysterical) with my husband
…the kicking and movement inside my belly – it’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt before and it is easy to forget the feeling once pregnancy passes!
…the ‘no-guilt’ that comes along with pregnancy eating. “Another cupcake?”  “Sure, why not, I’ll take two?!”
…Landon being so interested in my belly and bellybutton
…the wonder of what our next kid will be like – boy or girl, who will they look like, will they have a similar demeanor to me, Dean or Landon?

Other moms – am I missing anything – what are the things you miss most about pregnancies or the things you couldn’t wait to be done with?

Happy 2012!


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