2012 Non-Resolutions

I’m one of those ‘start strong, fall off the wagon’ types, so resolution isn’t really in my vocabulary – it seems so strict and permanent… however, I always like to reassess where I am in life and where I’m going and also some individual and family targets for the year.  I think it’s healthy to be always striving for something different, better than what you are currently doing and there is ALWAYS room for improvement.

That being said… Here are a couple non-resolutions I have for 2012.  (here are my 2011 non-resolutions)
1. To slow down and pay more attention.  I sometimes get so wrapped up in trying to multi-task and do twenty things at once that I miss out on so many things. I want to make sure I spend a lot of time enjoying my kids this year and give them my undivided attention instead of letting them share me with whatever else I am doing – cooking, cleaning, etc.  I have really loved the time that we spend as a family in the evenings, where we just sit on the floor in the living room and “throw ball” with Landon.  Or helping him work on a puzzle – over and over and over. 

2. To take more naps – I know with Baby Dos arriving any time now, I will soon be a walking zombie.  With Landon, I had a hard time taking naps, I always wanted to use that free time for myself to get things done, or just to watch him rest, but I really never napped.  This go around, I really want to make a better effort of napping during the day when I can knowing that I will probably be a much more patient parent to both my kids and a better wife if I’m not so extremely exhausted.

3. To lose the baby weight – and stop eating dessert everyday!  I’m hoping to be back to my former self by the summer.  Hopefully between nursing and exercising, the baby weight will go quickly… and I know that not having 3 sweet treats a day (my current splurge) will really help!

4. Learn a couple new business things this year… one good thing about my job and wearing a lot of hats is I feel I’m always learning something new.  In 2012, I’d really like to expand my horizons and maybe even read a book or dig in deeper to one aspect of my job and see how it goes.

5. To have more date nights.  Dean and I rarely do date nights with just the two of us.  We often do things with other couples or family, or we bring Mr Landon along.  This year, I’d like to do a couple more date nights with just the two of us hanging out and spending our time together. 

6.  To be more tight with our finances.  I think Dean and I really do a decent job with continually working to save money and not spend more than we have, but with the desire to buy a new home this year, it would be really excellent if we could find a few more ways to cut costs and be careful with our spending.  Along with this, I’d like to do a better job funding Landon (and his bro/sis’) savings accounts and also Dean and I’s retirement accounts.  It’s hard to do when the market keeps dropping and the balance drops, but we really need to plan ahead for our future.

7. To have more quiet time.  Sometimes I get so focused on other stupid/unimportant tasks that I forget to read my Bible.  Then it happens for 3, 4, 5 days in a row and soon enough, I’ve gotten out of the habit.  This year, I really want to do a better job of getting more out of my own personal quiet time.

Now, if Mr Landon were making a few non-resolutions for the year, here’s what I think he’d come up with:

1. To get into my own big boy bed and stay in there during nap and bedtimes!
2. To stop wearing diapers – this isn’t something we’re working on yet, but maybe around the summer!?
3. To get into a school program a few days a week where I have a scheduled, learning day.
4. To be a great big brother – to be sharing, loving, caring and affectionate with my new sibling.
5. To continue being AWESOME!!

What about you… any non-resolutions for 2012?


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