This weekend we did a family walk around the neighborhood and stopped by the playground.  After a few trips down the ‘lide, it was time to go get lunch.  In his stroller, Landon was fussing and crying – partly because he was upset we had to leave the ‘lide, but also because he was hungry and it was almost naptime.  To try to pacify him, I tried a game that sometimes works… “Landon, what sound does a cow make?” And depending on his mood, he may or may not respond with an answer.  Well, this weekend, he wasn’t playing along, so I went ahead and told him the answers… “Cow says moo.”  I tried again.  “How about sheep, Landon.  What does sheep say?” Still no dice on a response.  “Baaaa,” I answered for myself.

Then I asked, “What does goat say?” and I couldn’t think of the answer.  After a second I came up with something.  I turned to Landon and said… “Bleet, bleet.”  To which Dean responds – “Is that a cussing goat?” 

” ‘Bleet’, I said, not bleep!”


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