Overdue Recognition

I’m sure I don’t tell you enough. 

I don’t thank you every time you take care of the cars – cleaning the smears from my windshield or putting in the de-icer windshield fluid for the frosty winter months.  I don’t remember to appreciate you when you meet me to get Landon so I can go to my bible study.  I easily overlook the times that you wake up with our little boy in the middle of the night or if he wants to get up extra early on the weekends, while I sleep in.  Sometimes I forget to tell you I love you, but instead the words that come out are, “Did you do this?” or “Can you take care of that?”  I cannot count the number of times I have asked for help with an errand – even out of your way – and there is no complaint, only a “sure”.  Often, I am the one to choose the restaurant or pick the weekend chore schedule.  You deserve a million thanks for the dishes washed, grocery trips traveled, hand washings for Mr. L and the countless lotion/diaper/pajama applications.

I just want you to know I recognize all you do.  And even though I sometimes forget to vocalize my thanks, it’s there.  I appreciate you.  I love you.


One comment

  1. Thank you, Ging. I love you and appreciate you too. Please be sure to update the tag from “husband” to “Heidi”. I’m sure it was a typo. 🙂

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