Barbie Cars

Boys can like pink and purple Barbie-style cars, too, right?!

Two thoughts when I see these pics:
1- Landon is loving the ladies.  And one is quite older – twice his age – what a cougar hunter!

2- Growing up, my sister and I always wanted matching pink and purple Geo Trackers (they were like a mini-mini SUV/convertible in one – like a baby Jeep Wrangler).  Everytime I see driveable kid cars like this, it reminds me of our love of the bright-colored Geo Tracker – ha! I guess I’m glad my parents didn’t get me everything I asked for in life! 🙂


One comment

  1. I love the one of the twosins
    H: “Landy you drive, I’ll pick the music”
    L: “I’m not too good with the stick shift on this thing”

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