Last Letter to Anonymous

Dear Baby D,

This is my last note referring to you anonymously.  Next time I write you, I will know you – have met you.  I won’t have to say ‘he/she’ anymore.  I’ll know the answers to many of my questions – will you be a baldy bean like your mommy and Landon or will you have a big tuft of hair like daddy did?  Will you be a night owl or morning person? 

You will have a name – something we will call you for the rest of your life.  I’ll know every curve of your little body and every birthmark.  We’ll finally know what bits and pieces you got from your daddy and which ones you got from me.  So many unknowns will be answered. 

Enjoy your last little bit in my cuddly warm belly, it’s almost time for you to join us in this crazy, crazy world!

Happy almost Birthday Little One!


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