Bottle It Up

I want someone to invent a bottle that will allow me to capture some of Landon at this moment right now and let me go back whenever I want to relive life as it is today.  So often I find myself thinking, “wow, he just said the cutest thing” or “I love when he does…” and I just want to bottle up some of the fun I am having with him right now because I know in the next months it will be gone. 

His Landon-ism’s will change.  They’re always changing.

I probably won’t hear about every single school bus or truck that we pass on the road.  The sleepy and breathless, “I wuv you” response I get at night will start to sound more like “I love you” as his pronounciations get better.  Soon, when he jumps he will actually get air!  Things that catch me off guard now will become common. 

The other day, Landon pulled apart one of his toys into two pieces… he didn’t break it, it just was a couple plastic pieces that pop apart.  Landon worked on it for a few minutes, playing around and proudly announced a few minutes later – “I did it.” as he joined the two pieces back together.  In that moment, I got so excited for him:  1- He’s never said “I did it” before – so I thought it was adorable how he recognized his own work and 2- I was so proud of him for figuring out how to snap the pieces back together. 

These little milestones happen daily.  He’s constantly learning new words, getting better at doing things and just growing up.  I love being able to see his milestones first hand, I just wish that there was a way to bottle them so I can go back and remember these accomplishments. 

I barely remember what it was like when he first started crawling and walking.  I wish I could take 10 minutes and relive some of that time right now.  I wish I could feel my heartstrings tug the way they did when he said ‘mama’ for the first time.  Now, instead of excitement, I often get a little annoyed when I hear “mommy, mommy, mommy” over and over as I try to get a meal on the table or take a bathroom break.

Oh to have a little bottle of these precious days with him that I can go back and relive.  To celebrate again with him, to laugh at him and to love all he is doing as he navigates his own little world.


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