A Little More About Brooksie

It’s been a whirlwind week, of course, and we are just thrilled being able to spend time getting to know Little Brooks (or Brooksie, as we often call him).  I figure I could share a few ‘now you know’ facts about our week and our new man…

1- We still don’t know who he looks like, but we think more Dean than Bradbury.  Landon was a deadringer for my baby pic, but Brooks, he has some Dean traits for sure.  Dark straight hair, full lips, long fingers and fingernails, etc.

2- We debated for half a day with his name.  Other finalists were Banks and Jackson, but Brooks Matthew won out in the end.

3- I was supposed to get induced on Monday morning and had to go to the hospital on Sunday night for monitoring.  On the way to the hospital, I made a comment to Dean about how it’s weird that we’ll never get to experience the “rush to the hospital” since I was getting induced for both babies.  I also said, “I wonder what it’s like to not have induced labor – I hear that the contractions aren’t as strong when you aren’t induced with pitocin.”  Turns out, I didn’t have to get induced – contractions started on their own at midnight and Brooksie made his appearance right after 4am.

4- Good thing I didn’t have a set birthplan because, once again, the nurses at the hospital did a TERRIBLE job.  I kept asking if I was in full labor and if I could have an epidural, they kept telling me I still had hours to go – they were wrong and then it was too late to get an epidural.  They also told Dean to NOT CALL my mom when I requested because I still needed hours of labor and hours of pushing.  When Dean finally did call her, I was getting ready to start pushing and the little guy arrived in 15 mins – with my mom getting there just 5 mins after he was born.  This still is frustrating to me because I had a similar experience with Landon.  When I say my family has quick deliveries, please take that to heart nurses!!

5- Landon’s first impression of Baby Brother was not very good, he seemed really uncomfortable and unsure, but since we got to go home after just a day in the hospital, we were able to let Landon meet his brother at home and he’s been a trooper since.  He loves to “hold” his brother and give “kisses”.  He also helps out with Mr. Brooks things – like getting his paci or blanket.

6 – Brooksie is very chill, just like his older brother.  So far, he only cries when he wants to eat, is getting changed or has gas.

7 – He has two photo shoots next week, so we are working on his modeling poses and facial expressions.  So far we have – ‘long lost look into outer space’ and ‘eyes wide shut’!

8 – Brooks likes to sleep all day and wake all night, but we’ve been working hard to change that around and already he’s been getting better with longer night stretches.


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