Since Brooks’ arrival, I’ve been feeling something that I remember feeling when I first had Landon.  I don’t know if other new mothers also feel this way but I have a strong desire to be around and spend time with my mom.  I wonder if it’s because she can relate to what I’m going through, since she did it herself, or because it makes me feel good to see her interact with my kids and be so motherly and affectionate towards them.

I don’t know the reason, but I almost feel like a high school teenager, who just wants to move back home with mommy and get her help on my “homework” or ask her advice.

Has anyone else had this feeling, where once your baby arrives you feel like hanging with mom even more?


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  1. To hear that your children still love and value you is the greatest gift. I love holding my grandbabies and watching them grow. People don’t realize how blessed I am to be able to be a part of my children’s lives and their babies on a regular basis. I love my family!!!

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