Friday Fun Facts: Brooks

Brooks is a week and a half old and in that short time, we’ve already learned several things about our Little Brother.

1. He is not a fussy baby.  He only cries when he’s hungry, gassy, or sometimes for a wet diaper – but I’ve seen a few really full ones that he’s slept in at night.  He also cries when he’s getting a diaper change (often because he’s hungry and ready to eat) or undressed (like bathtime!)

2. He seems to have a little dimple on his right cheek.  I’ve seen it a few times when he flashes the “fake smile” (you know the one that they do this young because they are probably peeing).  If that dimple sticks around, I’m sure there will be many teenage girls admiring it in about 16 years!

3. He has fire-hydrant-hose-like pee.  Yes, he’s already peed on us (and our couches, walls and carpet) many times and it’s not a trickle.  That boy can hit a target 5 feet away!

4. He has the perfect “Valentines lip candy” pucker.  Yes, he gets his full lips from his daddy and they have the perfect shape – they look just like the chocolate lips you exchange on Feb 14th each year!

5. His head is much smaller than his brothers was at birth.

6. He’s already done a good job of getting into somewhat of a routine – he eats every two to three hours.  He cluster feeds from about 9-12 each night and then he does 3-4 hour stretches through the night.  He stays awake for 20-30 min stretches about 4-5 times a day.

7. Landon loves to give Brooks kisses on the head and always says “nice” afterwards because the first few times he did it, we told him how nice he was being to brother.  Occasionally, Landon asks to “hold Brooks” and so he’ll sit on the couch, hold Brooks in his lap for about 30 seconds, give a kiss on the head, and then say “done.”  He also gets very concerned when he hears Brooks crying and wants to help by bringing Brooks’ paci or seeing what can be done to comfort him.  I love this about Landon – his compassion.

8. He’s such an easygoing, good-natured baby.  I know we hit the jackpot with Landon, but it looks like we’ve won twice because so far, things are going very well with Little Brother.



  1. So glad to hear things are going well with baby Brooks and Landon! Let us know if you guys want us to bring over dinner again one night. We can do your favorite this time 🙂

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