You Grew Overnight

In the matter of a minute, my firstborn grew up before my eyes.  When I tucked him in on the 15th, he was my little boy, thirty pounds of muscle and strength, but he was little to me.  Though always measuring tall for his age, he still was my baby boy.  When I saw him again in the hospital room on the 16th, my baby boy was huge.  His legs had doubled in size and he was no longer my baby boy, but he was this big kid.  Compared to this little potato-sack-esque baby laying across my chest, my ‘little’ Landon was no longer little.

It’s amazing how your perspective can change in an instant.  My baby was no longer a baby.  In the last two weeks, I’ve spent some time looking at old pictures of Landon and remembering how he’s grown and changed in the past two years.  He continues to amaze me as he changes and develops into an opinionated and vocal little boy.


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