Friday Fun Facts: The Big Brother

Landon, I cannot believe that in just a month, you will be turning two.  It’s been amazing to see you grow mentally in the past 6 months.  I feel like the first year of your life was all about your physical development, learning to nurse, sit, crawl, stand, walk, hold a fork, jump, etc.  For the past six months, I’ve seen you change so much mentally – you started talking more and asking for things you want.  We usually don’t have to guess what’s bothering you because you can tell us. 

Here are a few fun facts about what you are doing and loving lately:

1- You LOVE working on your puzzles.  You’ve gotten so good at putting the pieces in and also saying what animal they are or making the sound.  You also have been working on your colors and you always let us know about your “blue ball” or “green cup”.

2- Whenever you get hurt or bump something, you always come over to us and say, “kiss” to request a kiss on the offended area.  As soon as we give a kiss, you tell us, “aw bedder (all better)”.  It’s adorable.  I still cannot get over how tough you are.  You rarely cry unless you’ve really hurt yourself (i.e. there is blood!)

3- You are in love with “pencils” which are the bathtub crayons you got for Christmas.  You love drawing all over the shower walls and making beautiful masterpieces.

4- You are getting better about knowing when you need a diaper change and grabbing out a diaper and laying down for us so we can change you.  I am really hopeful that this summer will be your time to shine when it comes to Mr. Potty!

5- You are so loving and caring with your brother.  If Brooks is crying, you always want us to take you to him so you can help comfort him or see what is wrong.  You also always try to help him with his paci or bottle when you can.  If he’s nursing you will say, “Baby eating!”

6- Your memory is getting so good.  We might do something once and next thing you know you are doing the same thing.  You are our little copycat.  Whether it’s making daddy’s coffee or helping with laundry, you remember how to do everything!

7- You love getting dizzy and roughhousing.  You can do “Ring around the rosie” forever and you also love to play lion and attack Papa.  You are very brave and never cower away but you always go in for the kill!

You are just an awesome little kid and I am so proud to see you grow and change as you learn new things!


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