A Step or Two Back…

We all know the saying – two steps forward, one step back.  Since Brooks’ joined the family, we’ve noticed that while Landon relishes many of his Big Brother responsibilties, in some areas, Landon has regressed a little bit into his “baby” ways. 

He used to never want his paci or blankie except for naps or sleeptime.  He now is asking for paci and blankie regularly throughout the day.  These are his comfort items and he wants them all the time- during shower time, when heading outside to play, etc.  Funny thing is, if I say, blankie has to stay inside if you want to go out, he quickly chucks both blankie and paci in the house to get to go out!

He loved to sit at the table like a big boy or in his booster seat.  Now he often requests “lap” during mealtimes.  Instead of sitting in his own seat, he wants to sit on mommy or daddy’s lap, like Brooks often does.

He really likes being picked up and held. He sees how much his brother is held and he is constantly requesting the same.  (“Up-peese” (“up, please”) is a request I hear at least twenty times each day!)

While his vocabulary has grown a bunch lately, he’ll resort to whining or pouting instead of asking for something.  (This could also be more of a “I’m about to turn two” thing!)

There are little things – like everytime we get a toy or item out for Brooks (the swing, infant carseat, etc.), Landon wants to use these items.  He’ll sit in the infant carrier on the living room floor or try to hop in the swing once we get Brooks out.

I’ve heard of kids regressing and going from potty trained to not! Also have heard of kids wanting to drink out of bottles again.  Or refusing to sleep in their big kid bed and wanting the crib that little sibling now occupies.  Fortunately, none of these apply to us – a) we haven’t even started potty training yet so no regressing possible! Actually, Landon is starting to get better at telling us when he has gone in his diaper, which is a good sign for when we attempt potty training this summer.  b) while Landon often says he wants some milk after seeing Brooks down his bottle, he isn’t requesting bottle service for himself, he actually likes being able to drink out of regular cups and his sippy cups.  c) Landon is still the owner of the crib.  Brooksie sleeps in the pack n play in our bathroom (so we can hear him easily at night), so no issues with this one!

We know that this is going to take some getting used to… heck, mommy and daddy are even having challenges with it.  But as we continue to learn how to be a family of four, we are really pleased with how well both boys have handled the change 🙂


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