My Valentines

Dear Husband,
There are a million reasons I love you… Here are 5:
I love your sense of humor – especially when you laugh uncontrollably (i.e. Titanic deck chair). I love your predictability. I love that you are a family man. I love your motivation and drive. I love when you give me 2 hour backrubs on Valentines Day 😉

Dear Landon,
There are too many ways I love my brown-eyed mini Valentine. Here are 5:
I love your laughter – how you know when to laugh at all the adult jokes. I love your sense of adventure – you aren’t afraid of anything. I love how you call for ‘mommy’ when you get hurt, so I can comfort you. I love when you do a good job listening. I love your excitement over going outside with your truck!

Dear Brooks,
Already there are too many reasons that I’ve fallen in love with my blue-eyed mini Valentine.  Here are 5:
I love those little half smiles and full smiles that you flash at random moments.  I love when you nuzzle into my shoulder to cuddle – your favorite position.  I love when you sleep well – only waking up once a night.  I love when you get a good burp out and we all laugh.  I love your easy-going, laid back manner.

My boys – you make my Valentines Day awesome.  I love you!


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