9 Days Old: Brooks

A quick flashback (is it really a flashback if it’s just three weeks ago?! 😉 ) to Brooks during his first days at home.  These adorable pictures were taken by a photographer who is looking to branch out and start doing baby photography.  When she gets everything going, I will definitely put a link to her site.

Brooksie wasn’t super cooperative during the two hour shoot.  He was hungry A LOT requiring numerous bottles of milk between shots, even though I had just fed him before she arrived.  He also was awake the whole time… we tried to get him to sleep so she could manipulate him a little bit more, but he wasn’t having it.  And stomach shots were out of the question… she would position him and then seconds later he’d start doing a little “baby plank” pulling his stomach off the blankets and getting into a push-up position.

All in all, these pics turned out adorable, and are such a contrast to Landon’s first “professional pictures” which had a darker feel with lots of browns and blacks, these ones are more bright and light.

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  1. These are so cute, however, no Eidi Photo! I love the one with the scrunchy face and the close up of the signature “Dean” lips. I can’t believe how much he’s filled out since these.

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