Landon’s First Prayer

Whenever we eat dinner, we always sit together as a family and say a prayer.  Usually Dean or I will say the prayer and we’ll let Landon repeat after us… it often sounds something like this:
Dean: “Dear Jesus”
Landon: “Jesus”
Dean: “Thank you for a nice day.”
Landon: “Day.”
Dean: “Thank you for Miss Rama.”
Landon: “Rama.”
Dean: “Thank you for Mommy and Daddy.”
Landon: “Daddy.”
Dean: “Thank you for Brooks.”
Landon: “Brooks.”
Dean: “Thank you for a delicious dinner.”
Landon: “Dinner.”
Dean: “Amen”
Landon: “Amen.”

Well, last week we were all sitting down to eat together and before I could even say, “Let’s pray,” I hear a soft voice from a bowed head saying “Jesus, Mommy, Daddy, Amen.”  It was so sweet to hear him say his own little prayer. 

I can’t wait to hear his prayers as he continues to grow and understand new things he can pray for.



  1. You know Landy is going to streamline his prayers so he can dig in right away. He really can recite the entire thing, but he would rather start eating than wait! 🙂

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