Friday Fun Facts: Big/New Things

Happy Friday all! 

There are lots of big things and new things going on in our household… here’s the latest in our world:

1 – A certain male toddler with curly blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes will be turning 2 next week.  I cannot believe I have a two-year old!  Amazing how fast we’ve gotten here… I know, I sound cliche… but it’s true, time flies!

2 – Miss Rama, Landon’s nanny for the past 18 months, will be moving away.  Her last day was last week and I just cannot believe that she’s going.  She’s spent more (awake) time with my child in the past 18 months than I have, and I will miss her dearly.  (Special shout out to her coming next week!)

3 – My BFF is gettin’ hitched!  Dean and I will be taking our first roadtrip with both boys to attend the festivities – so that counts as double as far as “big things” – First Roadtrip as a Family of 4, then BIG celebration weekend for CMS!!

4 – Our new nanny started this week – Miss Kristine – and so far, things are going great!  I think that she will do an excellent job with the boys and I’m excited that with her start, I will begin getting back to a more normal work schedule in the next couple weeks… I think my brain is ready for it! 🙂

5 – My sister has an official “end date” for her pregnancy so like it or not, Little Boy Kamm will be arriving in the next two weeks!  Brooksie can’t wait for a playmate his size!

6- We were supposed to have our first family photoshoot this weekend, but it looks like that will not be happening… gotta get a reschedule on the calendar ASAP! 🙂  Then I can update my blog header!



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