A Goodbye to Rama

It’s hard to know the words to say to adequately thank someone when they have gone above and beyond with your child.  This week we say goodbye to Miss Rama.

How do you properly thank someone who has spent more waking hours with your child than you have?  Who has witnessed many of their first milestones… scooting, crawling, standing?  Who has no doubt molded your childs personality during the hours spent together?  Who on many occassions has offered to stay with us during the nighttime when he is sick so that she can help watch him through the night?  Who has successfully used her family remedies to calm his pains and discomfort?

When your child is only two, but has had one nanny since he was six months old, it’s hard not to think of her as family.  She has known him for 75% of his life.  She helped create his schedule.  She taught him signs, words, games and songs.  She’s taken him on outdoor adventures and read him books.  She has wiped away his tears.  She’s cuddled him close.  She’s made him laugh.

We’ve been so blessed to have someone who loves our son and takes care of him like her own.  I know there are not enough words to thank her for the important role she’s played in our family.  But I hope she recognizes how much she will be missed.

Thank you Rama.


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