“Mawwaige is what bwings us togwether today…”

This weekend I get to stand by my BFF while she marries her Prince Charming.  I am so thrilled for this milestone weekend as they celebrate together and make the commitment to love each other for the next 50+ years!

If I could offer words of wisdom to her and her hubby (based on my limited 3+ years of happiness) it would be this…
…make it your own – you each grew up with your own set of values, beliefs and traditions – now it’s time to blend them together and come up with whole new set – the Team B way of doing things.
…have fun together – take lots of date nights, spend time just chatting at night in bed, make each other laugh.  It’s easy to forget to ‘work on it’ like you did when you first started dating, but making time for the two of you is so valuable.
…every day you have to choose to love your mate… a lot of days it’s easy – some days it’s hard.   Working through those hard days will be the glue that makes your marriage stronger.

Congrats C and D!  Can’t wait to celebrate with you guys this weekend!

(We have about 9 billion pics together… Here are a few pics of her and I during my wedding weekend. And now we’ll get to add to our collection with a few of her in the white dress!!)


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