One Day We’ll Dance

Mr. Brooks,

I was just looking at you the other day and realizing how quickly you are sprouting.  Your 0-3 mo clothes getting tight, your smiles more prominent, your coos absolutely heartwarming…  I thought about how much you’ve changed over the past month and a half and how much more living we get to do together. 

In less than a year, you’ll be smashing birthday cake all over yourself, and then in no time, you’ll be walking into your first day of school.  Soon, we’ll get to see you strut your stuff on the sports fields and the stage (acting, dancing, music, who knows!).  Eventually, we’ll let you behind the wheel and I’ll fear for my life! 

And one day we’ll dance.  We’ll be on the dance floor, just the two of us, and we’ll have a great song picked out and it will be like no one else is watching, but everyone will be watching – because that day, someone else will become your #1 gal. 

But until then, you are mine… and I will cherish all these moments we share together!

Brooks - Feb 16 (One Month)


My Boy

Brooks One Month Old – Feb 16, 2012


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