Accidental I love you

Do you remember the first time you declared your love to your spouse/mate?

I don’t remember the first time I told Dean I loved him and meant it, but I do remember the first time I accidentally said, “I love you!”

In college, Dean and I were friends, we actually both had best friends who were dating so we met when we would all hang out together.  During my Junior year (Dean had already graduated a couple years earlier), we all decided that we were going to hit a local watering hole for a couple drinks.  My dad was in town for a visit and we thought it would be fun for everyone to get together (since my dad would sometimes go out with us when he was in town).  

SIDENOTE:  My dad was in town ALL the time my junior year… my sister (a freshman) and I both played volleyball in college and my dad came to all our games – and I don’t mean, he came to all our home games in Wilmington… he came to all of our games.  We played everywhere – Clemson, Hofstra (in NY), Delaware, D.C. area (James Madison, George Mason), etc. and my dad would plan his business travel around where we were going to be so that he could make our trips… all my friends/teammates called him SUPERFAN! HA! 

I went to call Dean to see if he wanted to go out with us.  Seeing as how it was a work night for him, we didn’t know if he’d be up for it.  I was sitting in the living room of our townhouse, my dad was sitting next to me.  I called but got his voicemail.  The message I left went something like this… “Hey Superstar, we’re thinking about heading out for a drink tonight, wanted to see if you were interested in meeting up with us.  My dad is in town and R, C, H, etc are all going.  Give me a call and let me know what you think.  I love you.” 

Yep, closed with “I love you” – so wierd.  I think it stands out in my memory because I don’t think I’ve ever left another random “I love you” on anyone elses VM.  And also, because my dad was sitting right there and he was probably thinking… why did she close with “I love you”?  Yeah, I don’t know either.  I like to think that because I was sitting there with my dad it was a natural close if I was talking to him on the phone and thats why I slipped… or maybe it was just foreshadowing of many years later when I would tell Dean “I love you” and really mean it!

So, you’re wondering… was it awkward when I saw Dean next?  Nope – I just pretended like it never happened and it never came up.  Actually, I’ve never told anyone this story until today… and I’ll be interested to see if my husband remembers my random “I love you” on his voicemail.


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