A Tulip Reminder

Tulips are one of my favorite flowers.  I love their simple look – just one flower per stem, only a handful of petals in each flower.  Tulips are always one of the first flowers to bloom when Spring temperatures appear. 

Driving out of my neighborhood this week, the tulips are in bloom.  A mixture of white, pink and purple oblong globes in clustered patches.  So regal and elegant looking.  Seeing these flowers always brings me back to Oct 4, 2008.  My wedding day.

My tulips were pink with hints of white.  A huge cluster to stand out against the white of my dress.  My groom waiting in the sand.  My closest friends and family gathered.  Blue skies and salty air.  A perfect day.  A lifelong commitment to love and respect my spouse.  No matter the circumstances.  A kiss to seal the deal.

Whenever those first tulips pop up – after the cold of Winter, when Spring starts to show his face – it reminds me of a special Fall day.  A promise to my husband that can’t be broken.


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