Brudderly Love

Landon loves his “brudder” so much and just enjoys spending time with him.  At dinner, if Landon is being a little picky about eating (which doesn’t happen often) we tell him, show Brooks how you eat your foods and he loves Brooks watching him do a good job eating.  Same thing with brushing teeth… he’ll even face in Brooks’ direction to ensure that he can see what a good job he’s doing with his Tigger toothbrush.

During Brooks’ tummy time, Landon loves getting in on the action and helping Brooks with the dangly toys so he can enjoy them.

Also, Landon and Brooks took an inaugural ride in the Double Jogger this week.  Landon couldn’t wait to get to the park and show his brudder how to navigate the slides!

And Brooks thinks Landon hung the moon.  His big brother gets the best smiles out of him and he just adores Landon spending time with him.

I love that my boys are so loving to each other.


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