Thinking While Eating

During the past week, I have had all of the following thoughts fun through my head while eating a meal/snack:

I don’t like when my food is touching on the plate.  I like to keep things separate and then IF I decide I want to mix flavors, I can do so on my own.

Drinking a glass of milk is disgusting.  I’ve hated drinking it since childhood when I would be stuck at the table long after dinner with a half full glass in front of me, trying to choke it down.  A couple times a year I will make myself a glass of chocolate milk, but for the most part… I am not a fan.

I love that my husband, when quizzed, knew my top three Easter candy favorites.  In the appropriate order.   **Yes, this is a quiz-worthy question!!**

Handling raw meat has to be one of the most disgusting things ever.  I would hate to be a butcher!

I can’t wait to see Mr Landon decorate Easter eggs this year.  This will be his first year spashing brightly dyed liquid all over those hard boiled treats he loves to snack on.  I’m sure my Picasso will do an excellent job!



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