My Little is Big!

This month both of my boys had check ups… a big boy two year old check up and a little/big boy two month old check up. 

The results are in… Dean and I grow BIGGIES!

Landon was 36.5 inches and 31.4 lbs! He finally crossed that 30LB mark!!  That puts him at 90-95% for height and 70% for weight.  He is pretty much always tracking on these percentiles.

Brooks decided he wants to be just like his brother and follow that same path.  At two months he was 24.5 inches (95+%) and 13.4 lbs (60%).  Doctor said they both look excellente and that we seem to be raising happy, healthy little ones. 

**Picture commentary:  While he is a pretty happy baby most of the time, Brooks does have moments where he shows his angry face!  And Landon is working through his own Blue Period… what do you think?!



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