Friday Fun Facts: Flashback to Elementary Years

Did you know all of these things about me?

1- I went to 4 elementary schools – one for kindergarten, a different for first grade, another for second and third grade and elsewhere for fourth through sixth grade.  I think this has affected how I make and retain friendships.  Since I had so many “best friends” through those years I think it was difficult for me to make long-term best friends because I was so used to changing best friends when I found a new school.

2- The school I went to in fourth to sixth grade was very far away and my dad would always take me to the bus stop late. (You had to drive to another school to catch the bus, that’s how far away it was.)  I remember on a couple of occassions my dad chasing the bus down in his car and making me get out out at a stoplight to get on the bus.  Super embarrassing.  He did many, many things that embarrassed me in those younger years – I HATED it then.  Now, I am grateful for it. I don’t get easily embarrassed because this gave me a thick skin.

3- I played a lot of sports when I was growing up. My mom says it’s because she didn’t have the chance to play on many organized sports teams and she didn’t want her kids to grow up that way.  I swam year round on a competitive swim team, played volleyball in the fall and on a travel team during the winter, played basketball in the winter and softball in the spring.  Yes, I would often go from one sports activity to another, while eating in the car, but it was “the norm” to me.  I want Brooks and Landon to do all kinds of activities when they are younger so they get to experience lots of things!

4- Besides being an athlete, I was also a MATHlete!  In either kindergarten or first grade – I can’t remember which – I competed in a math competition.  I’m sure I did amazing… I mean, how hard is 10+20?

5- I really, really loved reading when I was little.  I could often be found on free weekends (i.e. no sports event/tournament) reading my way through a Babysitters Club book or an RL Stein story. 

6- My sister, brother and I often put on “routines” as presents for our parents.  “What, it’s Father’s Day?!  Well Dad, instead of that tie or book you wanted, we got you this awesome 10 minute choreographed dance routine. Enjoy!”  Yes, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  (And sidenote:  We moved to NC when I was in middle school and ‘earned’ a trampoline in the backyard.  Even then, we still gave “routines” as Mothers Day/Fathers Day/birthday gifts.  Instead of dancing, we were flipping and cartwheeling all over the place!  Ok, we still did the occasional dance routine too!)

7- I was a very bossy sister.

8- As a special treat, I would sometimes let my sister or my sister and brother both sleep in my room with me.  I had a single twin bed.  The three of us would sleep in bed together and it would often be so uncomfortable and cramped that I would demand that they sleep against the wall so I had more space.  (See factoid #7.)  I’m sure the easier solution would have been for us to just each sleep in our own beds, but nope, that wasn’t the solution we came up with.

9- I always wanted to be an anesthesiologist when I was little.  However, whenever I saw something gross – like blood or injuries – I would get super grossed out and my leg would get all tingly and feel like it was going to fall off.  Thus ending my dreams of anything in the medical field!

10- I didn’t like it then, I don’t like it now.  Milk is disgusting!  Smells (and tastes) like wet dog!



    1. Ha! Yes he definitely does count 🙂 We had new family pics taken and I am waiting until they come back from the photographer so I can update my header (my headline is embedded into my photo) – should be in the next couple of weeks!!

  1. These cracked me up. I like that you called out your experience playing basketball as if it’s something to be proud of. haha! At least you looked very good and stylish while “playing”.

    1. dont be jealous of how good i looked on the basketball court! you know big bows help wiht your free throw shooting! i didnt say i was good at basketball, just that i ‘played’ it! 🙂

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