Dean Family Photoshoot: 2 years and 9.5 weeks

We had a photoshoot last month to take some family pictures… they turned out great, especially considering she was working with two kids at their witching hour – who both were quickly tired, hungry, shy, whiney and would only look at the camera with a lollipop in hand!  Agh! I guess I can plan on the challenges of kid photoshoots for at least the next few years!  Gotta work on my bribery skills!

All that to say, I was shocked to see how cute these turned out knowing how things really went down during the shoot – thank goodness you only need to look at the camera for a milisecond to capture an image!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pics by: Chelsi Kristine Photography



  1. These turned out great, which is somewhat shocking considering you didn’t use “Eidi Photo”! I love the one of Landon pointing at the airplane.

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