Appreciating Littleness

Dear Sons,
I think it’s true that time flies when you have children and it’s multiplied when the second arrives.  Now the weeks and months whip by.  It feels that I need double the time in my day to give you each the love and attention you need and deserve. 

With Landon, I didn’t know what to expect and felt like I was constantly flailing, wondering what to expect next – another growth spur, another milestone.  It seemed I only had time to react as parenthood threw curveballs my way.  With Brooks’ arrival, I know what to expect, I have my cheat sheet in the back of my head.  Seeing how quickly Landon has grown into this little “man-boy”, I’ve done a better job of appreciating Brooks’ “littleness” (if you can call anything about either of my children little!). 

Landon, your once soft and pudgy hands are now big, strong and tough.  They have a ruggedness that comes from hours in the dirt, moving rocks and sticks. 
Brooks, when you grasp my finger with your chubby hands, it’s as if a clock is scrolling backwards within my head, counting down the days until they, too, show the wear and tear of a full childhood. 

Two boys, laying on the bed.  One kicks their legs in the air – his thighs are chubby and white – the skin smooth and unblemished.  The other pair of legs are strong and skinny, little twig-like legs that run fast and jump high. These legs are tanned from hours in the sun and covered with stories – a bruise from an incident on the slide, a scrape where the curb got in the way. 

My boys, you are constantly changing and learning.  This life is a gift.  A blessing.  And sometimes I take it for granted.  I forget to appreciate your littleness.



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