Kids Say

Backstory:  Landon got stung by a wasp a few weeks ago.  A little stinger right above his eyebrow.  Miss Kristine said he did great and didn’t cry, just a little whiney after she got the stinger out.

In the shower.
Mommy:  “Keep your head back so we can rinse the shampoo out of your eyes.”
Landon: Whimpering as soap bubbles run down his face, “Bees. Bees.”

I tried to tell him that not everything that stings his eye is a bee.


Sometimes kids DO the darndest things!

Landon was sitting on his Elmo potty the other day and Daddy happened to notice a brown streak on Landon’s leg.  He carefully poked it with his finger and took a whiff – hoping it wasn’t what was ‘supposed to be’ going in the potty.  With no prompting, Landon proceeds to poke his own finger into the same brown streak and take a sniff himself.  (Luckily – for both of them – it was just dirt!)


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