It’s a Birthday Month!!

May is a busy month in the Dean household!   My Father-in-law’s birthday, then my sisters, my wonderful esposo celebrates his big day, sister-in-law’s birthday, plus Mother’s Day gets crammed in too! (Not to mention the long holiday weekend, a wedding, a bachelorette party and possibly a niece arriving!)  Tooooo much for one calendar 🙂

Since my husband LOOOVES getting presents and recognition of his special day (completely opposite of me!) I would like to deem May HIS MONTH!  A month of celebration for a funny (sarcastic), smart, loving, good looking man!  I’m sure he’ll play a couple rounds of golf, he’ll get a few presents and we’ll do something as a family to celebrate him.

Today, I’d like to kick off the BIRTHDAY month with FIVE things that are awesome about my husband who will turn thirty FIVE in this FIFTH month!
1 –  Dean is so good at sticking to things.  If he has it in his head to learn something or do a specific workout program, he is so diligent about sticking to the plan.  As someone who easily veers off course, I really admire this trait in him.
2 –  I love how easily he goes with the flow.  While he really likes to be organized and pretty rigid about following the rules, I appreciate that he’s also flexible when it comes to my “loosely planned” ideas.  This is also a wonderful treat because growing up, organization isn’t one of my dad’s strongest skillsets (trust me – he has a billion other strengths), so I always assumed that the wife had to do all the planning and organizing.  I happily offload at least half of our “to-do’s” to my husband and he always gets them done!
3 –  I love when he prays for me and our family.  As he has grown in his faith, I see how his prayers have really developed to show his trust in God to provide for our family and bless us.  I have loved witnessing this growth firsthand.
4 –  Dean is such a good athlete and I love that he is passing a love for sports along to our kids.  It’s great to see him teaching Landon to catch and throw the ball, or practice his golf swing. 
5 –  As we’ve begun our house hunt, I love hearing Dean plan our future and what we will need for our family.  He’ll talk about wanting a nice patio to host a cookout in the backyard with friends, or having a nice tree-free area in the yard for playing catch with the boys.

Happy Birthday Month to my ESPOSO!!
20 days and counting!!


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