The other day I asked Landon what he wanted for breakfast… “Cereal!”

I pulled out two kinds of cereal, Kashi crunchy and Kashi puffs…. “which one?!”
“This one” – as he inspected the boxes and choose the crunchy cereal pictured on the front.
I pour him a bowl and he just looks at it. 
“What’s wrong buddy?” I asked.
“Bue – bwees”
I told him, “we don’t have any blueberries, Buddy, we ate them all last week.”
“No, bue-bwees,” he insists.
“Landon, we don’t have blueberries.”
“Yeah.” He goes over to the box, points to the front and proves me wrong.
On the box front, a delicious bowl of Kashi with blueberries.

How does he notice those things?! 🙂


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