Friday Fun Facts: The Dean Boys

1 – Lately, I’ve been working on a family mantra to help define our sons and our expectation for their behavior.  I have been repeating it to Landon regularly so that it becomes engrained in his mind… “Dean boys are loving, Dean boys are respectful and Dean boys are obedient.”  I really want them to understand why there are consequences for actions that don’t follow these guidelines.  While they are just three statements, I think they encompass even more… being loving isn’t just saying I love you – it’s sharing with others even when you want to be selfish, it’s letting someone else take the first turn.  Being respectful is more than treating elders with respect, it’s also respecting yourself and your body, it’s respecting individual traits that God gave us.  And being obedient is not just with mom and dad, but to God and to other adults, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nannys, teachers, etc.  I hope that with continual repetition, they will be able to put these statements into action.

2 – I really love seeing the boys interact with each other.  While Landon has been occasionally challenged when it comes to letting Brooks use the baby toys and Landon use the big boy toys, he really does a great job teaching his brother how to play with the exersaucer or shows him how the dangly things on his activity mat work.  I love that they really enjoy this time together and I know that in just a few more months, it will get to be even more fun for the both of them as Brooks will be able to start enjoying the toys on his own!  Landon loves the audience and Brooks thinks his brother hung the moon!

3 – Our pool opens this weekend and I know that Landon can’t wait.  When Landon was a little baby, he really enjoyed spending time in the pool and I think Brooks will do the same.  I can’t wait to see how Landon progresses over the summer with his comfort in the pool.  If it’s anything like the way he plays – it will be NO FEAR!

4 – My kids are big EATERS!  I’ve recorded many times on this blog Landon’s love for food and his excellent eating habits.  Hopefully, I’ll be saying the same for Brooks.  We started him on baby oatmeal this week and know that it’s only a matter of time before he is enjoying more meals in solid form.  Yay for Brooksie on this new milestone and hopefully this means that I will start getting some better sleep, after two months of excellent sleeping, the last two weeks have been tortourouss with a ravishing baby waking up at 1, 2 or 3am most nights ready for his meal!  Hopefully adding cereal will help him get back into his better routine! 🙂

Happy weekend ya’ll!


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