The Tears Were Flowing

It’s been a hard few days with my littlest bambino getting his first ear and eye infection.  I hope he doesn’t share Landon’s penchant for amoxicillin – Landon had so many ear infections he got tubes at 7 months old!  On Friday night, he screamed his head off from 2am to 7am – Dean looked at me after Brooks’ fell asleep for a 45 min catnap and said, “I didn’t think they could cry that hard for that long.”  It was terrible.  We hit up the Urgent Care for a nice two hour visit on Saturday morning to get our little buddy what he needed.  Of course, the only time he wasn’t crying during that 24 hour period was the time we were in the doctors office.  Go figure that he would calm down when we are trying to prove how much pain he’s been in!!

As much as he cried over the weekend, the tears are gone and our baby is on the mend!  My giggley, happy, finger sucking, shoulder chomping little boy is back!


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