The Incredible Edible

I’ve been on an egg-kick lately.  Eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Scrambled, over medium or in an omelet.  Here are some random thoughts on eggs:

– I’d never seen a twin egg before, then I ate a box of Eggland’s Best branded eggs and had two twin eggs in one pack!  (Twin eggs where two yolks come out of one egg).
– Whenever I get “egg lace” (where the white cooks thin, hole-y and crispy – from cooking at too high a temp?!), I think of my mom and how when she was little she would always request her eggs with “no lace, please!”
– My dad is the one who taught me to make really good scrambled eggs.  The trick – really low heat for a long time and they come out almost creamy!
– When ordering an omelet at a restaurant, I almost always go with the Western or Mexican style – meaty and cheesy!  I think most women probably stick to the egg whites and spinach omelets but not me!
– My husband hates eggs!  He will not touch them unless they are baked into something – like cake or cookies!!
– I once ordered over-easy eggs instead of over-medium eggs and thought I would gag because they were so runny!  Yuck – I need my white whites to be completely set but the yolk warm and runny!

Are you an egg fan?!


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