4 Month Update: Mr Brooks

UPDATE:  As of last night (the day before your 4 month birthday), you did your first solo roll over where you didn’t get stuck at all and got COMPLETELY over! yay buddy!  Also had your dr appointment today and you are a BIGGUN – 15lb 12 oz (65%) and 37.75 inches (off the chart – 98+%) and she was shocked at how Herculean you were… you gots those big muscles like your daddy and brother! You also HATED your shots and cried for a good 5 mins afterwards 😦

* * * *

Mr Brooksers, you are FOUR MONTHS old today! And you’re gaining on your brother bigtime! With chubby thighs, chipmunk cheeks and a pudgy belly, you definitely don’t miss many meals.  So, wanna know what your life is like at the four month mark?!  Here goes:

SLEEPING:  You sleep pretty well.  A couple weeks ago you had an ear infection that knocked you off your game, but for the most part you are back!  You sleep from 8pm to 6am with a 10:30 dream feed most nights, however, nothing is 100% consistent with you, so we just go with the flow.  You are starting to put yourself down at night without needing a bottle and you also usually don’t wake up screaming your head off… I’ll hear you jabbering away in the pack n play.  You love grabbing your feet and have started waking up in different positions than you went down in… this is a new accomplishment for you.  You usually nap three times a day – around 9:30, 1:00 and 5:00 with a long nap during one of the first two and a cat nap at 5-ish.

EATING:  You like to nurse through the night and first thing in the morning, otherwise it’s bottles only for you.  I think you prefer bottles because you can look around and see what’s going on – you’ve gotten to where you are easily distracted and want to see everything around you – especially your brother!  You eat between 32-40 ounces a day.  I think we’ll be adding oatmeal to your diet soon.  We tried a few weeks ago and it didn’t go well, so maybe in another week or two we can make an attempt.

PLAYTIME:  You love being in the Jumperoo, Exersaucer, Johnny Jump up and Walker – basically anything that allows you to use those legs and be upright.  You also enjoy your activity mat and checking out your studly good looks in the mirror.  Since you found your hands a while ago, you’ve started grabbing toys and hitting the buttons on your toys.  You are thisclose to rolling over on your own.  You occassionally do it on the bed when someone weighs down a side of the mattress, but are getting closer on the floor when there is nothing to “get you started”. 

CONVERSATION:  You love to chat and jabber away. I definitely think you are more of a talker than your brother was… squealing and chatting and blubbering away.  You also get a kick out of blowing raspberries at us.

YOUR FAVS:  You love mouth kisses and often try to give really wet, middle-school-like kisses back! You love chomping on shoulders when held upright and tend to grab hair.  Your favorite position is being held face out with your back against my chest and legs propped like a seat.  You love sing song voices and always smile when we sing “oh Mona”.  Sometimes you will howl if we put you in your carseat and that just means we need to get going because you like to be on the move and not sitting on the floor.  You like the swing – unlike Landon – and when you had your ear infection, this (and the carseat) were the only things you were able to get a little rest in.  You like shower time and have become so observant in there, wanting to check out all the bottles, relaxing as the water rolls down your little chubby body. 

SIZE STATS:  You are wearing size 2 diapers and you have very long legs.  You wear 9 month pajamas (the 6 mos are too short and your toes get squished!) and then 3-6 or 6-9 month clothing.  Mostly 3-6 or 6 month though. 

My little boy, you are so precious.  Your neverending smiles make my heart melt – I’ve been told more than once that you are the smiliest baby people have ever seen.  And while you are small, you are also big.  You’ve grown so much in these few months and you continue to check little milestones off of your own personal chart.  I am so blessed to be the momma of such a fun and happy baby boy!

While it’s only been 4 months, it seems like so much longer!  I love you Brooksie!

Love, Mommy


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