Next Toys

Brooks really isn’t into toys yet.  He likes the “contraptions” that are part of his exersaucer or johnny jump up.  But for the most part, he doesn’t do much with toys and we definitely have plenty of boxes of toys in the garage for him to grow into.

Landon, on the other hand, likes toys in stages – he loves something for a week straight, then won’t touch it again for a month.  He’s also getting to the stage where he is liking bigger toys.  He got a tricycle for Christmas that he loves to PUSH around, yeah, he doesn’t usually ride it, he prefers to WALK it.

I’ve been starting to think lately about what Landon’s next big toy should be – he probably won’t get anything until Christmas, but instead of waiting until the last minute. I’d like to have some idea of things that could be good for him. 

So possible considerations (at Christmas he’ll still be 2 but turning 3 in March):

A big boy bike with training wheels.  I know his daddy learned how to ride a bike (with no training wheels!) at three years old – WOW, I was like 12 when I got my training wheels off!

A water table – what 2 year old doesn’t love to play in water and splash around.  He’s visited a couple of friends who have water tables and it’s always a hit!

A kids outside picnic table – he loves to be outside and I think he’d like something to do his outside activities on – like bubbles, painting and playdough.

Any other suggestions you would throw in the hat?  I love hearing ideas for what other toddler kids loved/hated.


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