It’s a Big BirthDAY!

In honor of the man of the month… I bring you 35 adjectives to celebrate my wonderful husband’s 35th anniversary of birth!

smart, nurturing, witty, handsome, athletic, prompt, hard-working, easygoing, silly, awesome, gifted, tenderhearted, mysterious, strong, busy, protective, steady, devoted, evolving, relaxed, predictable, helpful, quiet, married 🙂 , trustworthy, healthy, sleepy, committed, generous, supportive, tough, funny, level-headed, studly, nutty!

These are only a few reasons why I am so lucky to be married to such a YOUNG 35-year-old! 

Happy, happy birthday to my awesome esposo! I love you times a million, bazillion 🙂


One comment

  1. I’d like to add talkative, outgoing, and food critic to this list 🙂 Happy Birthday, Dean!!

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