Mother of the Year

Landon was “hungwy” for breakfast so at his prompting I got a bowl of oatmeal ready for him and pulled out his leftover sippy cup of milk from last nights dinner.

I sat down – occupied with something else – while he ate.

He turns to me and says, “Eewwww! Yucky milk, mommy. Ewww!”

I reply, “Ok, Landon, you don’t need to drink your milk, just have your oatmeal and I’ll get you something else in a minute.”

Upon opening his sippy cup to pour it out and get him something else to drink I find sour-cream-esque milk in his cup!

Yep, Mother of the Year!!


One comment

  1. I guess you and mom tie for this as I have a similar story except my mom made me drink my milk. Don’t worry Landy pants, Aunt Heidi will only give you fresh milk!

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