The Deans Lately

I can’t believe how much Landon’s vocabulary has changed in the past few months – heck, even the past few weeks.  Instead of “Hungry?!” he says “My is hungry!” or he says “Mommy take a shower” instead of just “shower”.  Way to go with those verbs kiddo!

My hair is falling out like crazy… you may be calling me Mrs. Clean soon.  I don’t remember having this much ‘sheddage’ the first go-round!  And I don’t like it because all of the stray hairs feel like spiders crawling over me! Agh!

Brooks has been giving us a run for his money in the sleep department.  He’s been slacking on his normal eating routine and instead of taking 35 oz each day, he’s only doing about 20 oz, which means come 1 and 4 (and sometimes 5am) someone is a little bit HUNGWY!  I’m about ready for a night nurse to help us through this!  We also started rice cereal (we tried it about a month ago unsuccessfully) and he is loving big boy food!  Hopefully with the addition of some big boy food and continuing to try to ‘force feed’ during the day, we can get back to our regularly scheduled sleeping!

Father’s Day is coming up and I am trying to think of something fun to do as a family to celebrate!  Or maybe we’ll just let Daddy have some “me time” and go play a round of golf.  Any ideas for fun Fathers Day activities?

Brooks and I are on the mend and it feels good to not have such a hacking cough.  There is still a little bit of lung congestion, but it’s clearing out!

I’m feeling uninspired in the cooking department. After almost a week of slacking off, it’s time to get back into the groove of things again and start planning some meals… I know my sister will also be grateful for this! 😉 Anyone seen any fun, easy, SHORT recipes out there that are worth a taste test?

I am looking forward to visiting the great and great-great grandparents this summer. Yes, Brooks and Landon have a great-great grandma who is 102!  Last time we saw her was at Landon’s first birthday party and she hasn’t had a chance to meet Mr. Brooks yet, so this is going to be an exciting time for us.

We are currently on the hunt for our next house.  This is such an overwhelming process – trying to make the best decision for our family and future – and trusting God to give us guidance as we find our next home.

I’m sure everyone thinks this about their own kids – but I definitely have the cutest buggers out there.  I love their precious doll faces and they way they make me laugh!


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